AGAvantGardeCyr Book

Условия распространения:Freeware
Поддержка латиницы:да
Поддержка кириллицы:да
Тип шрифта:TrueType
Пример 12px шрифта AGAvantGardeCyr Book: кириллица Пример 12px шрифта AGAvantGardeCyr Book: латиница Пример 18px шрифта AGAvantGardeCyr Book: кириллица Пример 18px шрифта AGAvantGardeCyr Book: латиница Пример 24px шрифта AGAvantGardeCyr Book: кириллица Пример 24px шрифта AGAvantGardeCyr Book: латиница

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domesticated, not well in captivity. No place in the wild, suddenly caught, then stunning, and the sight.Middle-aged mood, is the best pass of the Zen. Sails had to do, Shiqianfeng looking around, sorrows and joys of life, is also taste over and over. Heart, gradually faded, transparent, and ought to know everything, and that enlightenment is enlightenment. You can make a pot of warm tea, strolling calmly flowers. Getting tired of feasting, whisper soft words, to withdraw it, realize the ultimate truth of the universe and life of a Wu, good for life, good show. Will know, it is simple and plain life Jervis, elegant cool is the background of life. Open mind, anything can be easily contained; sober background of the canvas, everything can be easily applied.So we learn in the quietest most net psyche, find a Pro Mountain waterfront land, fence repair chrysanthemum species, which work day, forget the World Forgetting leisurely. Society in mind elegance background canvas size freehand draw some simple, because simple, Zen won, there was Qi Baishi vegetables and fruits Shudan means.But if the mood heart, hearts do not really have a fence and chrysanthemums, orchids there is no fragrance, and that the size of the freehand fruits, also Ruoyouruowu. Heart is emptied, transparent, empty. Because of space to accommodate all the world, was satisfied at the universe. Because of static, you can place in the hustle and bustle, sit down quietly, distractions, do what you love to do, to do the most important thing in life. Like a monk like meditation, even though millions of people around too, millions of people language, and regardless of whether, if does not exist. Let the heart quiet, so pure heart, we will find that we have done a good thing: a prisoner was imprisoned for many years, opened the shackles, stretching his waist, wrist shook, quietly stood up, opened the iron gate and calmly walked out, quickly integrated into the natural world, could not find him. You will soon find - we release the prisoner, is our own.[Two]Gradually discovered that life is a practice, walking Wu, 且行且珍惜. Childhood innocence, youth ignorant, high aspirations of youth, middle age, a brighter future, in fact, is a process of life must go through. No one had not finished childhood, I went to the middle-aged, if the, it should not be a gratifying thing. Person each period, he should dry the dry matter, playing childhood, youth study, young love, middle-aged heart repair, naturally.Gradually found life on the road, a lot of things can not help our own, we will learn how to adapt to others, doing what the people around her happy, bystanders praise. Over time, he lost self, lost innocence. I give birth to such a thought: Who am I really? I come from? Where to go? This is what I really want exactly?This is reminiscent of his early heart began looking to find the true self. Can at this time, we stay too long in the mortal world, who was full of fireworks taste. I want to go back, nor is it so easy thing. My heart is full of care, full body burden, walked, we really tired, a little tired, walk. What is the meaning of life? What is the real truth?

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