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Поддержка латиницы:да
Поддержка кириллицы:нет
Тип шрифта:TrueType
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14.06.2011 dbrf

очень понравился шрифт

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спасибо. шрифт отличный ;)

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русский алфавит

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Давно искла такой шрифт! Спасибо!

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"There are mountains sea, mountains between illusory." Weihai Rongcheng hills northwest of the vast blue sea, there is a beautiful ride unique island, the island looks like a skinny donkey lying in the vastness of the sea, so named Hailu Island. Hailu Island, not only has a unique island scenery, but also has a beautiful and moving legend.According to legend, when the Jade Emperor Erlang Bong purpose, Tam Hill reclamation, construction of Tokyo, birds Viiv, stone help hold in the mouth. One day, Erlang lug two mountains near the line to Rongcheng hills, among the East China Sea have Lvjiao Suddenly, the West Coast has a cock, Startled, broken pole, pick baskets also come into the sea, two the mountains into the sea, into two islands, east of the sea donkey Island, west of the island to crow. The broken pole in half into two columns hundreds of feet high, erected on a length of the island after cock, planted in the sea after a length of Donkey Island, it is a two pole columns butt looks like. Those who follow Erlang hold in the mouth reclaimed stone bird island mountains will become masters of their lives and breeds here year after year, there was now several hundred thousand Oulu clouds of grand spectacle, the island is black-tailed gulls and egrets home, so donkey Island is also known as sea gulls kingdom.After the founding of sea donkey Island is a closed military zone. Military forces stationed on the island, in addition to the Navy's supply ship, other vessels to dock landing prohibited. Weihai is from Japan and South Korea, the nearest place to the east of it, is the Korean peninsula. So as a military frontier, geographical location and its importance is self-evident. After the reform and opening up, the withdrawal of troops on the island, the surrounding sea donkey Island became free docked fishermen island, because the island was no water power, it has been uninhabited. Until the end of the century, sea donkey Island developed as tourist resorts, travel officially open to visitors landing. At the commanding heights of the western sea lion island, built around a 7-meter-high lighthouse international, according to "annals of Shandong Province. Maritime" records, the lighthouse was built in 1953, originally as a lighthouse, in 1976 converted into a 7-meter-high white cylindrical Spire. 1990 reconstruction as a white hexagonal brick structure.Donkey Island sea from the coast, more than 1600 meters, an area of ??1312 square meters. Port longan in Xixia mouth after buying tickets, waiting boat into the island. About 15 minutes by boat, you can one saw this legendary magical island. Road, sea breeze refreshing and pleasant, stern white spray flying vacated, air wings flying seagull chirping constantly, like in the welcome visitors from afar, makes me feel good.After disembarking before long trestle along the line, I see far many small gulls scattered on the bridge on the west side of the beach, close look on the soft white sand, bathed tourists of small dried fish, bread crumbs small gulls mix, all full of energy, smart and adorable. Some feel comfortable foraging, repair smooth feathers, some leisurely pace, some cooing softly, some floating in the shallow sea, some listened attentively from afar ...... Smart look, let me look naive ecstatic, long reluctant to turn away.Trestle on the east side of the beach is dotted with large and small rocks, small rocks affected by the damp sea, covered with pale green moss, into a block of green stone, under the scorching sun looks very refreshing. Looking around the whole sea donkey Island, steeply Chihiro, aloof. Rock towering rocks, steep, deep and shallow cracks criss-crossing, loopholes joints crack doggedly grow clusters of vines, Mongolian network roll decorated, Phi mixed brush. Engraved Chinese Wildlife Conservation Association president Zhao Xuemin inscribed "Chinese black-tailed gull town" 7 red characters on the middle of the walls, of course, rock and more ubiquitous gulls or standing or lying, Shenqingziruo, interesting . (Read the article Network: Donkey Island is an independent island, surrounded by the surging tide, so the tour route is also more particularly, according to the island cliff set up an air-speed rail network at large, around the island for tourists to watch. Plank total length of 488 meters, along the front circuitous route along the cliff line all the way over the cliff forms are different, bizarre, unpredictable, Mother Nature is amazing. Steep cliffs, the sea breeze for many years because they were formed by erosion of the Watergate translucent, Crescent Bay, pole stone censer leg hole tigers, seals shed, mother stone, stone trunk, natural bridge, fairy channels and other natural landscape. There are many exotic island sea caves, a large cave can be boating, small is able to Tibetans. Watch all the way, all the way amazing, shuttled fun.After the air bridge, in front of an open field it is exactly like the same crescent beach, called Crescent Bay. Really it is so beautiful! Crescent Bay cleared the entire wave waves soft, white fine sandy beaches under layers of different sizes stacked colorful pebbles rounded jade, with the beach extending to the sea, clear blue waters in the sunshine reflects a Colorful eye-catching species, the whole sea as a natural transparent sapphire bright and clean, shiny, sparkling, do not dye Qian Chen. I quickly take off your shoes, your feet into the clear waters, suddenly a refreshing cool in my whole body a feeling of surprise mood bent over, skim a cool water, pat in the face, arms, hands on the legs, refreshing sea breeze quietly lifted my long hair, his thoughts also will be flying everywhere. Look afar, day, fresh pure blue, the farther the more light; expanse of blue sea, along with the line of sight away gradually deep, very shallow junction Haitian and deep blue totally integrated, the kind of deep and shallow blue, not play, do not hustle, blue quality Hui Xin as graceful and restrained, quietly bloom, quietly beautiful a straight to the heart of the quiet and refreshing elegant charm me, my surprise visit will not disturb its quiet charming dream? Qingfen silent mood, thorough heart of refreshing and I completely enchanted, too vast, the unbounded space of the mind together, there will be any trouble? At this time, gently touched the hearts thrown shallow joy, the soul also seems to have wings, between the sea and the sky pure freedom soar ......Shallow water at several children holding small netted starfish, beach front stands a few tens of meters high flat stone, the vicissitudes of calm, where they stand until the blue sword general, this is the legendary "pole stone", the distance on the sea, a boat undulating waves, sea level, there are several reefs emerge from time to time, interesting, a few gulls resting quietly on the rocks, with the sparkling blue sea each other, constitute a move in quiet, picture perfect static in action, so I do not know return intoxicated.The island is dotted with legends and natural mountains odd island. The island step by step King, King King hygiene conditions. The island has bird-watching station, Diaoyutai, tunnel through a mountain, winding trails, Tingtao Hin. Reluctantly left crescent beach, climb the stairs and along the winding stone paths, mountain preserved everywhere hibiscus flowers, floral full sleeves clothes, cool little daisy from time to time are constantly touching my arm. Under the shade of the several groups of stone table, sitting rest tourists, drink, chat ......Since thousands of years of tireless impact Tao-day waves, island dangerous peak towering, rugged rocks, reefs layers, full of holes, the unique geographical conditions more suited to Oulu thrive. China's first original ecological Birds feature film "Heaven" won the Cologne Film Festival "Audience favorite film", "Golden Rooster Award for" Best Documentary Award, it is in the sea donkey Island location shooting. Filming seven years, successfully premiered in January 2014. It tells the story of a sea lion island Common black-tailed gull from the broken shell of birth, to grow into a variety of bird experiences with seagulls vision, and to express the struggle of the living environment of the life course. A touching, thought-provoking connotation videos.Hailu Island, Wan birds gathered, is a bird's event, world, bird of paradise, a human harmony with nature the bird of paradise. Birdwatching standing on stage, I feel the genuineness of seagulls everywhere. Sea gulls happy messenger, elves, Oulu same island is the habitat symbiotic, co-owner of a happy home. Sea Donkey Island has to offer, not only in that more than 100,000 gulls, here or be included in the International Commission for the Conservation of birds "World Red Book of Endangered Birds", the national animal protection - egret main habitat. Egret extremely beautiful and elegant, high quality and habitat requirements of air, enjoy the green birds in the world. The world's only remaining around 3000, the sea lion breeding habitat on the island of about 1500."Suits made snow jade mouth, group Fishing Creek shadow children. Flush away to reflect Bishan, a pear tree fall breeze." Tang Du Mu poem vivid picture of appearance and gentle temperament egret natural beauty. Egret thin and slender body, mouth, neck, legs are very long, dressed in a white feather, spotless, noble extraordinary, is the island's most beautiful and temperament Snow White. Summer mouth orange yellow, with black feet, toe yellow, blue eye first; occipital students how long lance-shaped elongated pieces of white feather crest composed of a maximum of two up to more than 10 cm, as the Soft one pair of braids, fluttering in the wind, beautiful. Back, shoulders and lower neck before the students have barbs scattered Mino-shaped long decorative feathers, so called "Demoiselle", extends backward beyond the tail end of the front base of the neck down to her under the Demoiselle chest, like as silk. Sea breeze caresses, have flying. When the first flight back to shrink at the shoulder, neck down into the bag-like song, legs straight back, far behind projecting short tail, two large wings to fly slowly agitation, action appears calm, very beautiful. Ancient China "Mao Zhou Song" on the fly when it is to describe the extraordinary momentum of "Zhen Lu Yu Fei, Consists Chillon.".Fly together egret or air, or eagerly waiting around, or scattered into pieces hibiscus flowers rest bounce play, or combing the white damask-like feathers, or waving slim wings, free, leisurely leisurely. Egret couple more, but depending on the relative, fond. Warm and hearty compared to gulls, their more demure elegance. Xianzi tall, graceful, light and easy manner, more than beautiful fairy, the island is a beautiful landscape. The island also has large and small wild peacocks stroll the tree-lined paths, and they have a little carelessness will peek into the romantic encounter. Jimu around, boundless sea, sky and sea of ??vast blurred dreamy, breathe dance Oulu, rushing sound of waves crashing on the rocks, the island is full of shades of pink hibiscus flowers, vibrant wild jujube, wind swaying sunflowers, clean and fresh sea breeze ...... all I was deeply obsessed. Beautiful and peaceful island, full of flowers, vibrant, energetic. More than just a enchanted can describe?Donkey Island is surrounded by sea boundless expanse of blue ocean, compared with the other coast, where the reef is more masculine. Rocks everywhere, towering towering, monstrous waves gives it extraordinary tenacity and upright. Boarded the island top, I felt the day the wind fluttering, downright cool. Qin Shihuang once stood in stride place, overlooking the foot of the rough rolling sea, heart full of sadness, back when the great writer strategist Cao Cao's "sea view" is not also under this mood one go? Sigh millennium vicissitudes What remains unchanged is still the heritage and promote human civilization thousands of years, is "goddess should unharmed, when startled the world special" ah.Hovering in front of the sea dyke pillars of Donkey Island, more intimate companion, interlocking their fingers in this meet, end their century of life, flying seagulls circling, singing all the way to send their blessing to human friends. Looking back on the island, a symbol of good luck, happy, reunion hibiscus flower blowing in the breeze fluttering portrait, tenderness instantly spread throughout the island, the island even more attractive festive romantic color, full Ouniao Island, flowers, the blessing over the island over the island.Embark on the return of the yacht, filled with thousands of sad, elfin seagulls follow all the way off, low-flying roundabout, Qing Yin shallow sing, parting. A moving warmth in my heart, rubbed his moist eyes, I gently waved, the hearts of meditation: Sea Donkey Island, I'll see you again!

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